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Noteworthy Comedians Of Modern Times

Comedians are a great way of entertainment. They not only give us humor or something to laugh out but with their own way, they also try to convey social messages at times which can address the subject that needs attention. Hence comedians always played an important role in society as, with their communication skills, they can bring a big difference. It’s not always the content that matters most but it is also important that what message they are trying to convey. Following are few comedians which made a great impact. This list by no means is complete and it just gives a snapshot about the greatest comedians of recent times.

1.    Richard Pryor: this man is highly influential who can, by the weapon of comedy, can influence people. But he was always surrounded by controversy. When you take the name of Richard Pryor, it is already evident that some amount of controversies will come along with him. None the less, his comedy shows were one of the greatest.

2.    George Carlin: born in Manhattan, he started as a conventional comedian though as the age progressed, he added new persona and reached new heights. He used to put a lot of effort in listening to radio, working on his impressions so that he can grab the attention of the audience in a great deal. He is one of the most acclaimed comedians received both by public and critics.

3.    Woody Allen: no list of comedians could be perhaps completed without the mention of woody Allen. Born in Brooklyn, he started to get involved in the business at the age of 15. Initially, he used to write jokes for other clients but as time progressed, he started his own stand-up comedies which to date, are the ones that people still look for. Later he got involved in the film industry where he made masterpiece such as Manhattan, Annie Hall, deconstructing Harry, take the money and run to name a few among others.

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