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The race itself was uneventful.

I guess the race itself was uneventful. I worked hard in the swim but different take it up a level; I felt like I could have maintained that pace for longer. That's where I want to be anyway for Half ironman. The ride was ok. Nothing to write home about. When I got off the bike I wanted to get in/out of transition. it's not an Ironman! These short, fast ones mean time is precious. So I rack my bike - and a shoe is missing. I'm looking around frantically. It can't be far! how far can my shoe have gone? I'm trying to tell myself to stay calm but I'm throwing things around - wetsuit goes flying, Honey Shots are everywhere. I'm down on my hands and knees, literally, searching on ground level for me shoe. It's across a row. What the heck? So T2 was the most eventful part of my day. The run was slow but pain free, so I can't complain. I felt the last fortnight of training during the first 4km and just plodded along. Come 8km I was ready to get going but it was too late.

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We lay in the sun and cheered home some of our wonderful friends who we're racing the Long Course.Well done to Matt and Kirsten with 2nd place intheir AG, Angie only 20 seconds behind! Lucy with a massive PB, Jess giving it heap in the middle of IM build and Bec with a HUGE effort. The pro race was exciting too! Super proud to see Matilda come in 6th, Shelly in 5th and Elly 11th. Love your work girls. I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to train with and spend time with such positive, supportive people who enjoy what they do. After all, that's why we do it right?

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