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Brace Yourselves, EPL Is Coming To A TV Near You!

As has been expected for quite sometime, NBC and the EPL launched their new partnership just a few days ago, in an attempt to shove every EPL match down your throat. Not that this is a bad thing, but hopefully everyone is prepared to have in depth coverage of every EPL match.

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Boy how times have changed. I remember when the only possible way to watch a European match here in the United States was to either have lots of money, which allowed you to purchase the extremely expensive package for that one specific match you wanted to watch. Another option was to not have a lot of money, and still spend a large sum of cash on that one derby match, leading your wife, girlfriend or as some would say, lady friend to ignore you and force you to sleep on the couch for the night.

In more recent times, we have been fortunate to have the likes of Fox Soccer Channel, which has broadcasted a handful of live EPL matches, with the final week of the season being broadcasted across all their networks. How could we forget last season's epic finish. The sound ofAGUEERRRRROOOOOOOO rang through my house for days, and I'm not even a Manchester City fan.

With this new NBC and EPL package, us footy fans will be able to enjoy every EPL match live across all their channels. Some additional good news is that those who already have the NBC Sports package will not have to pay any additional charges, allowing you to see all the other EPL broadcasts on the other NBC networks.

We now not only get to keep in touch with everything going on around the EPL, but they will also be coming out with review shows and all sorts of other interesting programming, no longer forcing us to watch Fox Soccer Report, with the two hosts who look very much alike. Anyone else think that is weird?

So what does this NBC/EPLIn Yo Face mean for people like you and I? Well it means a whole lot of footy action all weekend, EVERY weekend. No more having to find a stream because your favorite team isn't one of the live broadcasts. We won't have to worry about finding a stream, but having to endure 90 minutes of not understanding what language the stream is broadcasting in. On the down side and I mean the downside for others and not for us Saturday and Sunday mornings, the TV is all ours! Be sure to make your girlfriends, wives, mothers and who ever else you live with aware that the EPL is on, so don't touch the damn remote!

As you can see, I'm extremely excited for this to roll-out, especially after BeIN Sport came out not too long ago as well. Although footy may not grow as a sport here in the USA, it sure as he'll is growing from a television perspective.

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