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Praise ever given Manchester United's players are also teammates...

Praise ever given Manchester United's players are also teammates in the national team Wayne Rooney, United Kingdom. Sterling remind Rooney to former arsenal winger Marc Overmars, Netherlands.

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Rodgers realizes the huge potential that owned Sterling. Tracing the experiences of brilliant young players but then quickly anticlimactic, Rodgers told that Sterling is not burdened with high expectations.

"I am discussing it with Raheem this week. I say if he handles it well. He was responding to a task with a vengeance. He's a mature kid. He was the kid who grew up rapidly in the last two years. He also grounded, "says the Rodgers as cited Sports Mole.

"He goes on to show the talents which is owned. He was in the right, either in the club or in the League. Be our duty here to protect him in order to keep performing with the best performance in each match is made. Also at the age of gold, between 28-31 years old.

"At this time, we have to be careful. Become a folly to solely focusing on the United Kingdom's national Raheem, as it requires team work, they not only need one player.

We've been doing something like this to our young players. A minute that glorified players as the best player of the sejagad, the next minute he was crucified. Raheem will make mistakes, he will undergo a bad match but he will also appear in other matches

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