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The Kakum National Park, which is located in Abrafo, in the country of Ghana, is enclosed by a forest that tourists will surely enjoy since it is the home of different migratory birds and wild animals.

The total area of the park is thirty kilometers. The most recommended option to travel the place is by Cape Coast since there are a lot of cab services that offer rides to Kakum.

The cab ride will take about one hour. One of the best tourist attractions in the park is the Canopy Walk, which is about forty meters from the ground and allows guests to view the forest from the top.

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The Mona-meerkat and elephants are two of the animals that are protected in the reserve since they are included in the endangered species list.

The government of Ghana founded the Kakum National Park in 1932. But locals we're only allowed inside the facility in 1994. The entrance fee to the park is one Ghanaian Cedi (GHC). The Canopy Walk costs thirty GHC for adults and foreigners and fifteen GHC for retirees and students.

The nature park tour costs fifteen GHC for adults and seven GHC for students and retirees. Photos costs two hundred GHC and video coverage costs five hundred GHC.

Guests that are planning to stay overnight at the camping area must bring tents, mosquito repellent and sleeping bags.

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