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Alaska: Glacier Bay

After visiting all three port cities, we had two days of scenic cruising to enjoy. The first cruising day was through Glacier Bay. We had a delicious breakfast in the dining room and then went upstairs to where the Park Rangers we're set up for the day. Since Glacier Bay is a national park, they pick up the park rangers at the beginning of the day and they ride along on the cruise ship until we leave the park. We took our national parks passport up there and got the official stamp! We are dorks I guess, but the whole passport thing is fun 🙂

Around 10am we came up to a really breathtakingly beautiful glacier. From our balcony we had a fantastic view of it and took a bunch of photos there, including some of us AND of Waddles 🙂

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Then we got ourselves all geared up with our jackets and our cameras and spent a good amount of time outside on the decks taking photos of the glacier too. Apparently this exhausted us because we got back to the room and fell asleep for FOUR HOURS!!!!! We feel really bad about this because we missed the rest of Glacier Bay national park. Oops!! But in all fairness, we didn't mean to fall asleep that long, and the schedule said we'd be in the park until 5pm but we we're out of it entirely by about 2:30pm. And of course, we hadn't meant to fall asleep for so long. As I mentioned previously the bed on the cruise ship was just heavenly so it's really not our faults 🙂

After we woke up we had lunch at The Grill on the pool deck which is open to the outside and there we're snow-capped mountains all around us. Just gorgeous! It must have been the most spectacular view I have ever had while enjoying a meal. Since the rest of the day was just regular cruising with not much to see, we spent some time just lounging around the ship. I chatted with my friend Amber on Facebook a while I edited some wedding photos we watched some movies in our roomspent time out on our balcony.. had a nice dinner in the dining room, etc. We went to bed early, and Ian slept through the night but it ended up being a nap for me because I woke back up and worked on more photo editing ordered myself a room service cheeseburger at 2 am. Haha, gotta love cruises!!! That was about it for Glacier Bay. Check out this video I took for a great panoramic view!

The next day we cruised through College Fjords many, many glaciers in this area. Supposedly on one side they we're all named for men's colleges and the other side we're all named for women's colleges. We took quite a few more photos that day, and managed not to sleep through the glacier viewing, hehe. There we're some incredible cascading glaciers that came down entire mountain sides... really neat. Ian loved checking everything out from our balcony.

As for what else we did that day, I'm not even sure. Apparently I didn't write anything down, oops!



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