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The Sport of Olympic Fencing

Interestingly, fencing has become a featured sport in the Olympics and falls among the top five sports. Just like FIFA for football, in the case of fencing it is the FIE and you would find it's head office in Switzerland and this organization is responsible for maintaining the rules and regulations for the sport as well as handling the global fencing event. With each occurrence of exceptions, many times the rules have to be modified and this organization makes sure that the sport runs smoothly and safely.

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Checking into the history of the sport, you might find it curious that it's origin is actually France and not the Japanese or Chinese as you might have expected. Then it eventually spread to the other European countries like Spain and Italy where the sport won the hearts of a lot of powerful people. It was in the 18th century that the mechanics involved in the modern fencing we're defined and that was in a fencing school in Italy. During that time, the fencing schools in Italy and France became among the top in the world and they very soon replaced the Spanish schools at the time. Even though the sport nearly died down after the world wars, it somehow managed to stay on the surface and make it to the top as a global event.

To discuss a few things about the weapons used in the game, the three type weapons as mentioned above, there are a couple of interesting factors.

The FoilServes both as a thrusting as well as a defensive tool. It has a small circular part that protects the hands from getting stabbed and the primary task it serves is safety. The scores are counted with what you call the touches while using this weapon.

The EpeeIs primarily an attacking weapon which used for the purpose of thrusting and it is pretty heavy compared to the foil.

The SabreNot as heavy as the epee, and is used as a cutting and thrusting weapon and when fighting with this, the whole upper body, that means above the waist becomes a target.

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