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A Personal Post: Sometimes running away is a not so much away, but rather towards something

I'm coming up on 40 years old. Just a few months away now. The thought hit me yesterday that 1/2 of my life is over. I'm not being melodramatic, it just occurred to me that my mental self image of a 25 year old caffeine addicted adrenaline pumping sleepless Paramedic was completely inaccurate Like 15 years ago inaccurate.

And isn't that the way life works. My favorite niece is in college now, one of my favorite nephews is 17 today. I held them both as babies. I used my niece to pick up girls back years ago when I was single. I am now a middle aged, married man with two grade school aged children. Middle school is just around the corner, then high school, then college, marriage, and grand kids. It will happen in a blink of an eye. Everything up to this point has. Time has just marched on, and everything has changed.

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Change is the only constant it seems. The last 8 years have been an insane mixture for me Time for the cliff notes:

  • 2007 Left my long, fulfilling, and burned out career as a field Paramedic in one of the most advanced 911 systems in the country to work as a union administrator for a struggling start up independent labor union.
  • 2008 Moved my young family away from everything that we had ever known and all the family that surrounded us to start over in a valley farm town in California. I gave up so much to do this, including my retirement accounts.
  • 2008-2010 Attempted with some success to help stabilize and grow the young labor union start up I worked for.
  • 2010-2012 Watched internal forces, politics, poor management, and ego-maniacal men tear apart my once promising second career and the young start up that I worked for. Spent these years living with instability every day professionally
  • 2010-2012 My wife began to develop a series of debilitating medical problems, tested and diagnosed incorrectly, they thought she had Mulitple Sclerosis.
  • 2012-2013 My wife, at 35 years old was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, metastization to lymph nodes. Double Radical Mastectomy, Lymphectomy, Chemotherapy, Breast Reconstruction, and subsequent underlying neurological condition discovered as a result.
  • 2013 Today Cancer is in remission, underlying neurological condition is properly diagnosed and explains symptoms dating back to 2010 and before, continuing treatment for all conditions.
  • 2009-2012 My family volunteered and helped build a "Christian" ministry to the homeless. I even served on it's Board of Directors. After certain leaders had personal issues, we are told to "leave". No conflict resolution was ever attempted. Apparently thieves, drunkards, addicts, and prostitutes can attend the homeless church we built, but we can not.
  • Nov 2012- Today Got a great job working for another labor union, one that is established, stable, and successful. They seem to like me, and have blessed what is coming next for our family.

So, with that being said, I'm running away. I'm leaving California for a better place. And of course, better is subjective. The family and I are packing our things and leaving this summer, in search of a new start. And so, one can argue that we are not running away but rather towards something new.

We take with us our meaningless physical possessions, and a lot of memories, and life lessons. We take with us the scars, physical and mental, of living life to it's fullest here. I have no doubt we will develop news scars, physical and mental, where we are going but that is the future and the nature of life. Because just like here, we will live life to it's fullest there

We will live life to it's fullest because we simply have no option nobody does. Life comes at you at 100% intensity. I have yet to meet a person who remains unaffected by it. So whether we surf or swim, walk or crawl, ride or get run over we will live life to it's fullest.

We are leaving behind only one thing, and that is friendships with people that we have grown to love. And that is what I will miss about the our California Adventure. The friendships. We have met and gotten to know some spectacular people on our California Adventure.

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